What is Dategame?

The same number of guys and girls gather in one room. Girls, as a rule, occupy their permanent places at the cafe tables. Guys, during the evening of dates, constantly change their location, changing from one table to another. It takes about five minutes for each couple to communicate, after which a corresponding signal is heard, and people again change tables. 
Everyone are given blank to fill before event. After talking with girls, men write in the name of the one they liked the most. If a girl liked the same guy who liked her, then both receive a present and access to each other’s contacts.
Just imagine that you can continue communication on the same evening. It is very effective.
As we see, everything is extremely simple and easy. Most of us, commenting on 5-minute dates, may decide that such time may not be enough to properly get to know another person. But, as practice shows, such a statement is extremely far from the truth. Moreover, such acquaintances in a minute, as a rule, help to formulate a really correct opinion about another person.
As many of modern psychologists say, in order to understand whether we like one or another person or not, we only need a couple of seconds of the first communication with him. That’s why meeting in 5 minutes is extremely useful. After all, after this time, you probably already know whether you would like to continue your communication with this person or are you glad that these five minutes have finally ended.